Flip it!

Flip it! Yes that’s right I said Flip it!!

“Flip what?” You might ask…. and the simple answer is…. your classroom!

This post is about a fabulous and exciting concept of flipped classrooms. I got here after reading Mr Clancy’s blog about Voki and these great personalised avatars you can create. The blog had me flashing back to a PD I did on my last prac about flipped classrooms and how great the avatars would be for when you are creating your lecture videos for a flipped classroom.

The concept of flipped classrooms is an interesting one. The flipped classroom describes a reversal of traditional teaching where students gain first exposure to new material outside of class, usually via lecture videos, and then class time is used to do the harder work of understanding that knowledge through strategies such as problem-solving, discussion, debates and hands on experiences.

This brief clip will explain how it works

What a fabulous way to cater to each student individually. Students can watch the lectures at home, at their own pace in the place of homework and then do the traditional homework of applying the new skill and concept with the support of the teacher in class. This is an example of how teacher can not only use ICT but integrate it holistically  into learning. There are many resources too that can be  used to create your video lectures or alternatively with so many teachers now using this approach many share their lectures on YouTube.

If you have any questions about the pro’s and cons of this revolutionary approach to teaching then do not hesitate to ask in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Flip it!”

  1. I really like this idea Kim! Perfect for a constructivist approach to teaching although it might take quite a bit of time to develop the ‘online learning’ or ‘videos’. There’s an idea for someone to make some money…. preparing a whole lot of new information/knowledge/concept video’s for classroom teachers to use! Nice one


  2. Hi Kim
    I also read the article about the flipped classroom concept. I really like it and the video in your blog explains the concept really well. I love the opportunity it would provide to cater for all levels of instruction and abilities. I also believe it would benefit some children who dislike regular homework – here I am referring to my 14 year old son. His school have 1-1 iPads and most of their work is done on their device. He dislikes regular homework but will completes homework asigned on the iPad without fuss. I love it! No stress for me 😀.

    My only concern with this idea of using ICT at home is access. We are lucky in the area where I live that our internet connection is good and we don’t have connection problems but in some nearby suburbs the Internet is not good and students have a hard time accessing regular good connections (hard to believe in this era I know). There is also the issue of access to devices. Depending on the area where you are, There are some families who don’t have computers at home or have 1 to share among the family members, making access for each student difficult.

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the idea of the flipped classroom model, I just think there are some things that would need to be considered in the process. Thanks for sharing this article and video.
    Regards, Jodie.


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