The concept map

When trying to create a concept map online for one of this weeks tasks for EDC3100 I originally found it rather challenging. The idea was to show my understandings of the use of ICT and Pedagogy within the context of primary school teaching and learning. I dived in head first, full of confidence into the use of the recommended site Gliffy.

Unfortunately, unlike Denise who in her blog post ‘The Big Three Framework’ stated that she found this task “Much easier to tackle” I was struggling to find my way around Gliffy.

Fortunately Denise had listed some other sites that students could use, one of which was called was so much easier for me to navigate and I achieved the task in creating my own Concept map reflecting my response to the question “Why (not) use ICT and pedagogy?”.

With every challenge that EDC3100 presents I do find myself learning how to learn. I am no longer jumping up to email David for help without spending 4hrs or so to figure it out for myself first. The collaborative nature of this course is really great. Although I am still petrified to click on something wrong and cause the computer to have a meltdown, I have started to take more digital risks than I would have in the past.


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