Breaking the rules

Copy wrong or copy right? Turns out I’ve been copying wrong. Just when I thought things were coming together within this ICT and pedagogy course, I find out I’ve been breaking the rules. I’ve never been much of a rule breaker myself so when I found this out I must admit I was really disappointed with myself.

Kinaesthetic and visual learning styles are two styles that appeal to me as a learner so when setting out to develop my blog I quickly set about finding images and video clips that painted the visual of what I was trying to communicate to the blogging community. I used Google images as I have so many times before and selected an image that could be saved without purchase. My theory was that if I could access it without having to pay for it then it must be free for public use.

Boy was I wrong!

As I travelled through the learning path for this week and then read David’s blog stating how to use resources appropriately I developed a plan to get my blog back to a law abiding state. David introduced the idea of using the Creative Commons search to find images and that images that were for Public Domain could be used without attribution. So I removed all my current images (except for those that were my own) and searched for new ones through Creative commons that were for public domain.

Success… My blog is now in the clear and for the future I can make reference to Elly’s blog which clearly states four very simply approaches to copyright and attribution.

With this new knowledge I will endeavour to be a copyright law abiding blogger and some day a copyright law abiding teacher.


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