Assignment time

Like Denise (a fellow edc3100 student) I had no trouble finding lesson plans online that used ICT. In fact I found 3 great lessons so I had a plan A, B and C. I emailed all the creators to ask for permission to use the plans as they were not for public domain and failed to receive any replies. With the assignment due date looming I had to come up with something else. Not wanting to break any copy right rules I, like many others have gone digging through my ever so un-organised document folders and found an old lesson plan from my second prac.

It uses ICT so it ticks that box.

I hereby give permission to myself to use this lesson plan so it ticks the copyright box.

The lesson plan is right here (below) and linked to this url so it ticks that box.

2015 6E Lesson Plan

So with the boxes ticked it’s time to get stuck in and get this assignment done.

Just reading over the plan I cringe because I feel that I have grown in lesson planning since then. It is not my best work but it will have to do.


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