Prac Reflection!

Well, I’m pleased to say that prac was another fantastic experience. Great school, beautiful class and fantastic mentor. I learnt so much about classroom management and got to implement the use of ICT on many occasion. In the last week my mentor trusted me to create a mini unit for maths on direction and mapping. She also said I taught her a thing or two along the way and complemented me saying that she will never teach direction and mapping as she has done in the past and plans to use my unit in years to come. My mentor did a great job of boosting my confidence and the experience will be something I remember fondly.

Unlike Denise (a fellow student) my school had quite a substantial amount of ICT available. They had six Ipads that could be hired out from the library, they had an interactive whiteboard which the teacher believed didn’t work (I got it working), the teacher and myself had laptops, internet connection (sometimes a little untrustworthy) and 4 desk top computers in the classroom for student use.

The best thing of all was that I got to be a part of so many special events

  • Under 8’s day
  • Cross country
  • Dream Factory PD ( a pd on robotics)

Now onto the next assignment.


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