So here is a little bit about me! I’m 33 years young and mother to two very different children. My eldest is a boy(Master O) and is 8 years old and my youngest is a girl (Miss M) aged 4. Master O is competitive, driven and very successful academically. Miss M is creative, imaginative and strong minded Both children learn very differently and inspire me to learn more as a pre-service teacher so that one day when I have a class of my own I will be able to cater to children’s different needs and learning styles. My husband is FIFO and works away (four weeks on and four weeks off), this means he works just half the year but on the other side of the coin means that he is only home with us for half the year too. Life is a juggle when he is away and an adjustment when he is home. FiFo life has its perks too though.

For the last 18 years I have been teaching gymnastics to babies 9 months old through to adults. The lessons I have learnt in my years of coaching have carried over into teaching and I have found the transition exciting. Unfortunately the hours spent swinging, springing, balancing, rotating and climbing took me away from dedicating time too keeping up with ever changing technologies so I am really focussed on growing in this area throughout this semester and the EDC3100 ICT and pedagogy course.

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