Today my first born is sitting his first NAPLAN test. Fortunately he attends a school that is not overly focussed on NAPLAN and there does not seem to be too much added pressure on his performance. I say added pressure because the pressure he is putting on himself is enough. My son has always been very academically driven and just naturally competitive.

HE IS ANXIOUS! To say the least… I tried to calm his nerves by putting into perspective the relevance of the test. I told him that how well he does in NAPLAN is not going to stop him from becoming the scientist he wants to be when he grows up. I then read him this letter another teacher had written to her students in preparation for NAPLAN. This letter was fantastic and after listening to it my son went into school saying “I’m just going to do my best mum”. Perfect!!!

The further I get into my degree, the more I learn about national testing, the more I disagree with it. I truly believe Australian schools need a educational revolution.



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